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February 09, 2020 1 min read

Alpha-Yohimbe (also known as Rauwolscine) is considered one of the most effective fat loss ingredients available on the market. Rauwolscine is an indole alkaloid with stimulant and aphrodisiac effects found naturally in the plant genus Rauwolfia. Also known as Alpha-Yohimbe, it is the more potent isomer of yohimbe. It’s mechanisms of action are very similar to yohimbine, as it can act as an alpha(2) adrenergic antagonist and thus aid in enhanced lipolysis (subcutaneous fat loss) as well as alleviating the body’s process to preserve fat mass. One of rauwolscines most notable super-powers, are its dramatic diaphoretic. In other words, you are going to sweat bullets!†


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