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March 01, 2020 1 min read

At MYOBLOX® we have always kept a fun, creative as well as unique approach when it comes time to crafting the very products you love to use! We have been creating Limited Edition formulas well before any other supplement brand since 2011, but we have never done this before! CONTRA® (our lean muscle builder) WILL FINALLY HAVE ITS OWN LIMITED EDITION!

It will be rightfully titled, ‘CONTRA® GAIN TRAINis a stacked and highly potent formula of performance elevating ingredients that has been shown to not only increase natural testosterone production, but also inhibit / correctively balance cortisol levels to maximize your body's anabolic state. Contra also includes a strong aromatase inhibitor to prevent any unwanted estrogenic side effects and maintain a lean physique.†

What is new about this formula? We added ElevATP® and S7™ for increased ATP, intensity and muscle pumps goddammit!

ONLY 500 units have been created, utilizing fresh ingredients for maximum potency through our signature small batched process we like to call ‘Micro-Booming’ to ensure a meticulous and quality finished product. Although this is a niche product, we want to assure each and every one of you that we will be having a huge array of special products to fit each and every one of your needs, so stay signed up to our VIP Club because access to this club is not always available!

Thank you all for letting us do what we absolutely love to do! MAKE YOU THE COOLEST PRODUCTS!!! J


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