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February 25, 2019 1 min read

At MyoBlox® it comes second nature that we have always kept our distance away from industry gimmicks and cliches. By staying true to our focal points of quality, detail and our free spirited minds, we operate more as a culture and than a brand because we are simply not corporate enough (and proud of it). You see, within this brand of ours we do not look at what everybody else is doing nor get jaded by the industry drama. A term we say frequently within our brand is "More Blox, Less Industry" so we had decided to abbreviate it 'MBLX'. The root meaning behind it means It means to have your own sound opposed to the mass echoes you tend to come across in any mass market. With messages aside, the MBLX line is going to be custom cut and sew and something truly special. Do not blink :)

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