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January 19, 2020 1 min read 1 Comment

This highly underrated salt is jam packed with 84 essential trace minerals and electrolytes, Himalayan Pink Salt and plays valuable roles in bodily processes – Unlike Sodium chloride, which has been stripped of all trace minerals and benefits. Our Himalayan Pink Salt, which is mined from deposits that are approximately 250 million years old, ensures a high caliber and true pristine material. Consuming natures electrolytes will help support muscle hydration, fullness and therefore optimal muscle contractions. †

Though Himalayan Pink Salt is a wonderful micro nutrient, PLEASE BEWARE OF YOUR SOURCE! Some available Himalayan Pink Salts contain many contaminants and never even get tested! Lucky for you, we always use reputable sources at MyoBlox®

Try ILLA® BCAA today! It contains Branched Chain Amino Acids and electrolytes! One of which, comes from Himalayan Pink Salt!

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Sun Valley Salt
Sun Valley Salt

February 26, 2020

yes, I like this salt in salad items. This salt really beneficial for health purpose. Nice post.

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