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January 13, 2020 2 min read

When originally writing this blog I had this idea of just saying all of the great things you would normally associate a good quality vitamin with. However, lets be honest... there is absolutely no shortage of vitamins on the market. In fact I went against my original thought in creating this for so many reasons, but after years of contemplation I wanted to bring you all a vitamin that you can trust. After all, some of the nutrients I used in this formula helped my health considerably in 2015.

You see, a few years back I had a lot of plaque in my arteries, and I used to faint to the floor with a very sharp cute pain in my heart. I remember thinking it was some of my last years at such an early age, which truly was a precursor to some of my hardest years. I knew what foods to stay away from and had a very religious training regimen, but I still did not know why the problem was persisting.

I had later found out I was deficient in Vitamin K and Vitamin D, the immediate solution was to put these back into my body not necessarily just in efficacious amounts but rather a higher quality.

The lesson learned from that point on was that it made me realize anybody could have an imbalance even if you are on a proper exercise / health food regimen. A NUTRITION DEFICIENCY CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE and can sometimes be as easily as corrected with just a few few capsules. 

I suppose the reason for this story, is because I formulated the MyoBlox® Multi because I feel it can help optimize your health and fill wellness voids that are often overlooked. Rest assured our MyoBlox® Multi is manufactured in a cGMP & FDA Registered Facility and is 3rd Party Tested for purity to give you all a piece of mind that you are always in good hands with MyoBlox®.

Thank you for reading,


- MyoBlox® Team

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