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September 06, 2018 2 min read

Just in from our friends at STACKED3D.COM - Rubix Review

Earlier this year, MyoBlox launched a stimulant free metabolism igniting supplement called Rubix. It features a short and sweet four ingredient formula including the branded compounds, Paradoxine grains of paradise and Lean GBB gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester HCl.

While MyoBlox Rubix has been on the market for a few months now, it was only recently that we got our hands on it for review. Being quite a simple product we didn’t expect much from it, however after trying just a few servings, we discovered it delivers a thermogenic experience like no other.


After using Rubix for a couple of weeks, we’ve found that it is incredibly good in one specific area. The MyoBlox supplement has the insane ability to take your body from a typical level of dryness, all the way up to sweating like never before in about 30 minutes.

The whole experience isn’t really all that noticeable up until about the 20-minute mark. From there you won’t start to feel warmer or anything, you will however realize that you’re sweating a lot more than usual. You’ll find yourself wiping sweat from your head more frequently as well as notice much damper areas around your body.

The craziest thing about MyoBlox Rubix is that we didn’t even dare test this in the gym. We only used it while doing regular day to day activities, and that was more than enough to create an unnatural sweat. To top it all off, our experience all came from just the one serving of Rubix, despite the product saying you can have as much as two.


The very noticeable effects of Rubix are truly surprising as well as impressive. While we knew one of the primary goals of the fat burner was to make you sweat, we did not expect the MyoBlox supplement to deliver such an intense sweat so effeciently.

We should also mention that the taste of the Pepino Limon Rubix is certainly not the best. It has a strong sourness to it that we were not able to get used to and ended up just doing the scoop straight to the mouth. Fortunately, the many benefits easily outweigh the poor flavoring on this one.

This supplement review is presented in partnership with Generation Iron

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