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As you know, we are all about originality at MyoBlox. For that reason, we wanted to come out with our own athletic wear line that matches the Blox lifestyle. “MBLX” is created through the cut and sew process rather than using other third party garments and marking them as our own. When creating the MBLX line we test out multiple fabrics, color ways, and samples. All of our samples are put to the test on our athletes and team-making sure they are comfortable enough to take the dog on a walk in or hit a new PR in the gym. Making this line from scratch allows us to truly map out all of the details we want to include; such as the types of pockets, zippers, built-in mesh, and more that we can add. Our first drop of the MBLX line includes our men’s cut off tank, performance shorts (with built-in mesh), and our unisex joggers. We are positive you will be impressed with the quality and feel of our first drop and we're excited to show you what else we have in store!