Worldwide Enforced MAP Pricing: At MyoBlox, we strictly enforce Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP Pricing). This means customers won’t be able to find cheaper prices from brick & mortar retail stores or from online websites – including our own! Every retailer is required to adhere to the same MAP pricing, as we strive for brand integrity in this industry.

Quality: Be truly confident when supplying or using MyoBlox that our quality has never been sacrificed. We would even have to admit it is why it took us so long decide to scale as a company, as this started out as a hobby only creating supplements for true supplement connoisseurs. Because of our steadfast belief in quality we have been operating at a lower profit margin since 2011. Still till this day, we continuously strive to craft top-shelf quality formulas infused with exclusive and rare ingredients to ensure that you the get the ultra-premium supplements you would hope for in a premium brand.

What We Are About: We formulate with researched ingredients and utilize efficacious dosing to create a finished product that we would use ourselves. Our motto has always been ‘Good shit ain’t cheap and cheap shit ain’t good’.